What is Thermography?

Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) is a 15-30 minute non-invasive, radiation-free, and compression-free test of physiology.

Using a state-of-the-art highly sensitive digital infrared camera, thermography accurately measures heat from the surfaces of the breasts or body, detecting temperature differences that may be due to an abnormality. DITI can screen for vascular changes, inflammation, and neurological changes in the breast or body.


We all have our own unique heat patterns in our breasts and body, like a “thermal fingerprint.” These patterns should never change and will remain constant throughout our lives. Before a tumor begins to grow, it typically has to establish its own network of blood vessels to feed it. This new network of vascularity changes your own unique heat pattern. A thermogram can screen for these changes within two years of its onset. Neovascularity is the earliest sign of a growing tumor and can be seen with infrared technology 6-8 years before it can be seen by other methods.


Meet Your Thermographer

Enikő Fodor

ACCT approved clinical thermographer

Originally educated as a biochemical engineer in Hungary, Eniko eventually switched gears to follow her passion to focus on nutrition and natural therapy. Her interest in the lymphatic system prompted her to become a certified electrolymphatic therapist in 2007. Eniko also became a clinical thermographer in Illinois in 2011 where she serves clients providing the highest quality thermal imaging currently known.

Eniko loves to reach out to people who want to improve their overall health. She believes the highly sensitive thermal scan is crucial in prevention and early screening for breast health in women. Thermal imaging can also show precursors to heart disease, vascular obstruction, autoimmune disorders, skeletal dysfunction, and neural dysfunction in anyone. Early detection and prevention is always less complicated than treatment.

In conjunction with an annual thermal scan, regular lymphatic drainage, and simple lifestyle changes, everyone can enhance his/her health and reduce the risk of disease.

See and monitor the changes in your body!

Notice: Thermography is not a stand alone device and does NOT replace a mammogram or any other diagnostic device or examination. Thermography is registered with the FDA as an ADJUNCT to mammography.

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