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Thermal Scan Pricing

*prices subject to change without notice

First Baseline Breast / Chest Scan


*all new clients as well as clients from other providers.
For clients who have not had breast scan in the past 5 years

Annual Breast Scan - Follow Up


*for established clients only

Second Baseline or Comparative Breast Scan


*3-8 months after 1st scan; for established clients only

Half Body Scan (Head and neck, breast, abdomen)


Half Body Scan - Follow Up (Head and neck, breast, abdomen)


*for established clients only

Full Body Scan


Full Body Scan - Follow Up


One Region of Interest (ROI)


One Region of Interest (ROI) - Follow Up


*for established clients only

One Region of Interest (ROI) - Added to Other Scan


Paper Copy

$5 / report

*printed copy of your report

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