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Thermography Scan

Why Should I Choose Thermography?

Thermography is very helpful for tracking your health and goes beyond breast screening. We offer half- and full-body scans, or specific regions of interest (eg, head/neck, breast/chest, hands/arms, legs/feet). We also scan man, but not children. 


Thermography is used as an adjunct to diagnosis and can show early abnormalities which can prompt early intervention. It can also be used to monitor therapy progress for many conditions and injuries including but not limited to vascular disease, back injuries, stroke risk, headache, referred pain syndrome, unexplained pain, RSD, dental, TMJ, inflammatory pain, breast disease, nerve damage, digestive disorders, whiplash, disk disease, artery inflammation, arthritis and more.

Thermography Scan
  • Non-invasive, painless, radiation-free

  • It is unique to visualize physiological changes and metabolic processes

  • Thermography can be repeated as often as you like without the danger of exposed radiation. It suited for regular/annual breast screening, including post-surgery or during treatment

  • It is useful for young or older women for whom mammogram is not appropriate – dense breast tissue, sensitivity to ionized radiation

  • FDA approved as an ADJUNCT to mammogram since 1982

  • Over 800 peer-reviewed studies on the effectiveness of thermography

  • Over 83% accurate in the early screening of breast cancer. If it is combined with mammogram or ultrasound the accuracy is 95%

  • Affordable

  • No prescription necessary

  • Efficient – your first visit will be approximately 30 minutes

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